The Last Days of Summer in New Jersey

Beyond the inherent difficulties of spending an extended time with the folks when you hit the big 40, finally unpacking boxes dating back to my college years, high school, and from our first apartment in Germany was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Selling my two old jeeps also weighed heavy on the heart, however cleaning out the garage as a step towards helping them along the road to retirement was long overdue. At this point, time really is a limited resource and wrenching on old jeeps is no longer a hobby with any sort of high priorities on my list.

The 1962 CJ5 required a new thermostat, cooling system bleed, a thorough cleaning, and a new starter after the seized flywheel resulted in starter shaft cracking on the first attempt to get her running. Really the work was a long day in the high humidity and the mosquitoes presented more frustration than undoing rusted bolts. A real nice gentlemen moving from NY to FL took the Jeep along with him and became hooked on wrenching within the first week of ownership. Such a great classic deserves a loving home instead of 150 year old damp Jersey garage.

Saying goodbye to my 1982 CJ7 was much harder as I had invested so much time and effort into the restoration and enjoyed so many trips with the lady and dog in the desert around Las Cruces, NM. At the same time, memories of breaking u-joints, sheared drive shafts, hours of tinkering with the old carb, and popped head gaskets serve as a reminder that beyond nostalgia old jeeps are nothing more than old machines. With dreams of taking to the road in an RV or finally buying a small place in Durango, CO, I can safely say my classic car days are most likely over for good.




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