Dedicated to all subjects mountain bike related, Singletrail Chat is a side project from our jewelry and guitar business, NiciArt, and focuses on adventure, exercise, and of course mountain biking as a source of inspiration behind the creativity. More often than not, owning a small business becomes a bottomless pit of stagnation or burnout as the drive to perform becomes a mundane task in endless repetition where the entrepreneurial spirit is drowned out by indecision as complacency becomes commonplace instead of realizing goals and dreams. In many ways, choice and freewill drive a fear of the unknown after years of following a successful path. Taking the “road less traveled” is a product of youthful ambition, sometimes desperation, or simply boredom, but like all roads, the one less traveled dead ends at a traffic circle with all too familiar exits.

Driven business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs often find new careers in lecturing, writing self-help books, and leading seminars to market their success, but few capitalize on the drive or inspiration behind our successes since those inspirations are often simple pleasures or not considered befitting of a Puritan work ethic. While idle hands might be the devil’s workshop, idle minds lead to evils far worse than devilish mischief. How dare I say the inspiration behind our business is the result of biking over wet logs, mud, and coming home dirty, yet many of our best ideas emerged trailside miles away from a temperate studio where life is a comfortable 71F and fluorescent. Miles above Ringwood Abbey, a ride from the C-Lot with reflections on nature carefully documented on Strava, might never be destined to be a literary classic for literary discussion, but discounting those adventures or relegating trailside stories to nothing more than ramblings is to decouple sources of inspiration from the creative spark that drives us forward. As long as we choose adventure, inspiration will always write us an amazing story.

Evolving from the Metal Ethos, our second business blog, Singletrail Chat may even mark my change of course away from NiciArt and the start of a mobile bike repair business with rentals and tours coming in 2018.

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